Project Description


Geriatrics in Carmichael, CA

For Carmichael, CA geriatrics care, the professionals at Capitol Internal Medicine Associates promotes the health and wellness of the elderly in a welcoming, comfortable environment. Our commitment to the highest level of quality healthcare and overall patient experience has helped us become a medical resource to the community. As a team of practitioners, we have extensive experience and are familiar with your unique needs. We take a holistic approach to diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions with an in-depth array of services and treatments.

What is most important to discover is the differences between the normal aging process and signs of illness or disease. We keep in mind that presentation of an illness can be vague and non-specific. When performing tests and diagnostics, our comprehensive approach can ensure we identify and treat the causes with special prevention against drug interaction. Our team monitors your individualized health care plan through Electronic Health Record technology, a tool that helps us keep accurate record of your treatment and help us to communicate with you about your health and progress.

Our goal as a team is to help maintain your quality of life and allow you to live independently for as long as possible. If you want to continue to have an active, engaging lifestyle as an elderly member of our community in Carmichael, CA, geriatrics care from Capitol Internal Medicine Associates can help you achieve an independent lifestyle. Our offices are easily accessible and there is extensive parking for your convenience.

We are Experts In Adults

The term “Internal Medicine” originated from a German term “Innere Medizin” which describes physicians who combined the science of the laboratory with the care of patients. Internists are Doctors of Internal Medicine. We deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses in adults.

Caring For The Whole Patient

We are ready to take care of any adult sickness. No matter how common or how strange. We take pride in taking care of patients from their teen years through old age. We are specially trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle chronic illnesses and situations. Not only that, we bring to patients an understanding of wellness through disease prevention and the promotion of health.

For Life

In today’s complex medical environment, Internists take pride in caring for their patients for life – in the office or during hospitalization and intensive care. With our training, specialists seek our help to coordinate patient’s care and manage difficult medical problems.